I am vegan and gluten free. Basically, I eat plants.

I am not perfect so for the sake of full disclosure we’ll say I’m about 90% vegan and gluten-free. Now this doesn’t mean I go out and have a steak dinner; it means I eat the occasional cookie made with eggs or milk, have a few bites of pizza while out to dinner, or just plainly mess up. Fortunately, I don’t suffer from any particular disease so I have the liberty to do so. This, however, took some time for me to figure out.

Back in high school I began to develop significant stomach problems that worsened as the years passed. I had a slew of inconclusive test, unsuccessful medications, and a diagnosis of IBS. I like to refer to it simply as “BS”. Being a serious ballet dancer, I was already eating what I had deduced to be a healthy diet: fruit, veggies, lean meats, light dairy and the occasional sweet. I had given minimal thought to the idea that what I was eating was making me sick.

I made the first big change to my diet during my first year of college (unless you count swearing off pork at the age of 9).  A friend shared with me a chapter she had read for class on animal factories. I got through one page, put the book down, and decided to be a vegetarian. From that day on I began to read and research all I could on the topic of health and nutrition. The more I learned, the more adjustments I made to my diet, and the more I realized that I could control my health.

So what’s my day job you may ask? By day, by night, by any hours that I choose, I am a freelance graphic designer. Translation: I am usually holed up in my apt in front of 30” monitor catching the occasional glimpse of my dogs Cobe and Tyrone. When I’m not working or doing something food related you’ll find me at the gym, having solo dance parties in my bedroom, exploring LA and trying to live life every day.

When I met Carl, a meat loving, frozen dinner eating, shovel the food down as fast as it can go, guy – I was quick to state my position and profess my veganism. There would be no steak dinners or sharing ice cream sundaes for this girl. He didn’t even flinch! Love, right? Well, after a year plus of my intoxicating knowledge and ability to whip up a mean salad, Carl eats plants! He’s so filled with plant love that this was his idea! So there you have it, we decided to share the freshly squeezed juicy details of our lives, our experiences, our journey and to ask you – What do you eat?

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