Beaver Creek, Colorado

150 mph on a Speed Bike, er, Down a Mountain

Cindy and I just got back from three glorious days of spring skiing in Beaver Creek, CO. There was no fresh powder, which is always a treat, but it’s hard to complain when it’s 40 and sunny and you’re cranking down beautifully groomed runs all day.

Cindy has skied twice in the last 15 years. Since I’m such a supporting and nurturing boyfriend, I took her down a black for the first run of the trip and declared, “You’ll be fine.”  She was fine. But not happy with me. It was all downhill from there, no pun intended of course.

My old boss, and good friend of mine, was there with his wife and 10-month old son. They stayed a full week and we imposed ourselves into the middle of their trip when we were planning. Hopefully they didn’t mind the company. We ended up skiing three full days with them and had a blast. They naturally had a full cache of stories from being new parents and each was funnier than the next. Not funny enough to give me the urge to have one myself just yet, but still pretty cute.

All in all it was a good trip and everyone came back with their knees in tact. Honestly, that’s all I hope for every time I go skiing. If my knee ligaments are in order after the last day I’m a happy camper. We wanted to ski Vail for a day but decided the crowds weren’t worth it.  Beaver Creek had everything we wanted, so there was no need to get on the bus and brave the crowds. Although we did go to Vail for a fabulous dinner one night and walked around. What an amazing ski town. I would definitely recommend checking it out if you’re in the area.

I’ve skied a number of places through out the US and I’d have to say that Beaver Creek reminded me a lot of Deer Valley in Utah. Really nice resort, not overly difficult terrain, and great groomed, long runs. Oh yeah, expensive as hell too. Lift tickets were $108. It’s got to stop at some point, right? I digress.

I’m curious though – what are your favorite mountains? I’ve done a lot of Utah and California, and only some Colorado (Breckenridge and Beaver Creek). I hear some of the Canadian or Montana mountains a great.  Recommendations?  We’re always looking for a new mountain to check out.