Vail, CO

Campo de Fiori

Autunnale Grilled portobello mushrooms, butternut squash, artichoke hearts with balsamic vinaigrette and white truffle oil
Pazza Baby spinach salad with caramelized red onions, pine nuts, raisins and balsamic vinaigrette
Penne al arrabiata

During our trip to Beaver Creek, CO we decided to venture out to Vail for an evening. A friend of ours had recommended Campo de Fiori, which also has a successful location in Aspen. We wandered for a bit until we found our way to this intimate yet lively restaurant. We were seated immediately and when the waitress approached we inquired if they had any gluten-free pastas to offer. The answer was no, but she was knowledgeable enough to suggest the risotto. When it came time to order we asked for two Pazza salads without cheese (they came with gorgonzola), the Autunnale without cheese (it came with parmesean), and a special order of Penne al Arrabiata. A little tip: don’t hesitate to ask for something off the menu; just be sure that you see the ingredients you’re requesting listed elsewhere.

The salads came out and they were delicious – a combo I am definitely going to try to recreate at home. When the entreés arrived we were once again thrilled. The Autunnale was extremely flavourful – can’t get enough of truffle oil. It was light and the combination of vegetables were satiating. The pasta was cooked to perfection and provided a tasty amount of heat. Once finished, the waitress walked over holding the dessert menu and said smiling, “unless you want sorbet I don’t believe there is anything on this menu for you”. We were stunned! We had not explicitly said that we were vegan, yet she pooled the info from our orders and deduced that sorbet was the only vegan, gluten-free option! It had never been so easy. We were used to repeating ourselves, or receiving dishes with cream and butter even though we ordered no cheese, etc. Those of you who are vegan are already familiar with this struggle, and to those newbies, you’ll learn to brush it off. To say the least, we were so pleased with our meal, the attentive service and knowledgeable waitress, that we left without dessert, but with a sweet taste in our mouths.

We know it’s boring but we’d probably order the exact same thing, unless the risotto special were to be vegan (that day it was made with chicken stock). We’d also like to sample some of the side dishes which were all veggies. We didn’t ask if they were cooked with oil as opposed to butter since we didn’t order them, but I’m sure the waitstaff would be on top of it.

If you ever find yourself in Beaver Creek or Vail and you’re looking for some gluten-free pizza, make sure you hit up Marko’s! If you’re wiped out from a day on the slopes, like we were, use Á la Car for delivery. They didn’t have any vegan cheese but the cheeseless was still super tasty.