Harvested from the Coconut Palm

Beginning in the 1950’s, primarily due to its high saturated fat content, Coonut Oil has had a relatively bad reputation. The “low fat” fad diets through out recent decades have not helped either. To the contrary, Coconut Oil is an extremely healthy addition to any diet. Although it is high in saturated fat, scientists have figured out that the fat content is predominately medium chain fatty acids (“MCFAs”), which is considered a “healthy” fat. These medium chain fatty acids (versus short, long and very-long chained fatty acids) are metabolized differently in the body. The medium chain of the fatty acid allows it to be broken down more quickly and acts as more of a carbohydrate than an actual fat. In fact, these MCFAs enter the blood stream faster and are taken directly to the liver to be used as an instant source of energy. In addition to a quick pick-me-up, Coconut Oil provides a number of other benefits.

Heart Disease
The medium chain fatty acids in the Oil are in the form of something called Lauric Acid, making up roughly 50% of the coconut oil. One of the only other abundant sources of Lauric Acid is breast milk, and coconut oil is often found in babies formulas. Behaving differently than other saturated fats, it does not increase LDL levels. It helps to prevent various heart problems, including high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Weight Loss
Coconut Oil has been found to help assist in weight loss. Those medium chain fatty acids that are used quickly in the liver as energy also help to improve thyroid function, a key part of your metabolism. Notice how many of the tropical populations that have lots of Coconut Oil in their diet are not overweight? Now you know why.

Immune System
Coconut Oil is great for the immune system – it has a number of antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral properties. Once consumed, Lauric Acid breaks down into something called, Monolaurin, which helps to fight off harmful bacteria, boosting the immune stystem.

We love it on toast. Spread it like butter and sprinkle your toast with some cinnamon – delicious! Also, feel free to put a tablespoon in your smoothie to give it a natural coconut sweetness.

When applied to the skin directly, Coconut Oil acts as an excellent moisturizer. It can help treat various skin problems, including wrinkles, without the risk of any adverse side effects or reactions. Men, try it on your face after you shave – it feels incredible. Apply throughly and the wipe off your face with your towel after a couple minutes – gets rid of the  “greasy” look.

Coconut oil is one of the more heat stable oils so it is safe to cook with. Many oils become carcinogenic at high heats making the food unhealthy to consume. It is also different from other oils in that it is solid at room temperature, making it a key ingredient in raw foods.