Los Angeles, CA

Electric Karma

Garlic Naan
sprinkled with chopped garlic & cilantro
Palak Paneer Pureed spinach leaves & tofu, sauteed with onion, ginger & green chilies
Daal of the Day Chef’s selection of dal (Indian Lentil) of the day
Brown Rice

For all of my life (and for no good reason at all) I have been somewhat standoffish with Indian food. We didn’t eat it as a family all that much and it was never really on my list of foods to consider when going out to eat.  This has, however, changed recently. A good portion of Indian food is inherently vegetarian  given their cultural eating tendencies, so it’s become more of an option when Cindy and I go out to eat. Also for Cindy, Indian also has a lot of vegan and gluten-free options, so it’s usually a perfect choice.

Cindy had eaten at Electric Karma before and it came up as an option one night while discussing dinner plans. We decided to give it a try after our standard five minutes of: “Where do you want to eat? No, where do you want to eat? What are you in the mood for? Is Indian ok?  ‘Sure’ isn’t an answer. Well what do you want?!?! Don’t use that boyfriend voice with me.” Does anyone else talk about their meals as much as we do?  I feel like that’s all we talk about sometimes (SMH – that’s “shaking my head” – I just learned that from my little brother, it’s text talk).  I digress.

Anyway, the meal was delicious and the atmosphere was great. I enjoyed my spicy dhal immensely and the spinach dish was pretty darn good too. Also, there was a back room where you can sit on the ground that looked perfect for large groups.  Although we went on a random Tuesday night, I hear it’s a great place to eat on a Friday or Saturday night.

I’d like to check it out on a weekend night with a bigger group and sit in the back.  I’d probably get another lentil dish because that’s one of my “things” these days, and also try a bunch of the other items. The Naan was freshly baked and I’d most certainly give that a shot again.