Happy St. Patrick’s Day plant people! In honor of the holiday try to get some greens in each meal.
Here are some ideas how:

Start your meal off with a spinach salad. Eating your veggies first not only ensures you get the goods
in your body, but fills you up so you eat less of the bad stuff.

Tonight at the pub ask for a side of steamed broccoli instead of french fries. They taste the same when
dipped in ketchup anyway (don’t forget to check the label for high fructose corn syrup).

Need a snack? Try a green apple or celery with a nut butter.

Throw a handful of kale into your smoothie. You’ll never taste the power packed vegetable in there
and you’ll get a beautifully green shake to spark that Irish Pride.

You’ll get loads of antioxidants and vitamins that may even help you handle those green beers and irish car bombs you know you’re going to have tonight at happy hour.