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Use up Your Scraps

After Carl’s real burger indulgence, we decided to take a crack at making our own veggie burgers. We looked up several recipes and got the general idea. There are a few key ingredients that serve as a base, and then you’re free to add in whatever your heart desires, or in our case, whatever was in the fridge and pantry. For your base you’ll need a bean, a grain and an egg/egg replacer. What you do from there is left up to your own creative genius.

We went into the fridge and pulled out brown rice (that I had made earlier that day), lentils, corn, fresh spinach, carrots, jalapeƱos and garlic. From the pantry we grabbed a can of white beans, some walnuts, sea salt, herbs de provence, cayenne and egg replacer.

The next step… toss it all in the food processor. It was a slight guessing game as to how much of everything went in and we based it on the consistency of the mix. When all was said and done we had a beautifully green gob of goop.

Our first attempt was to cook them on a skillet, as most recipes suggested, but we found that it made the outside nice and crispy, yet left the inside a bit too mushy for our liking.

We decided to bake the second batch and placed them in the oven for about 40 minutes at 350 degrees. After cooling, we had some legit patties on our hands. Topped of with some grilled onions and barbeque sauce, we ate the burgers filled with pride. The burgers were even better the next day once the ingredients had settled and the flavors mixed.

Next time around we are going to make them a bit more chunky and do some of the mixing by hand. You may also want to try placing the mixture in the fridge for an hour plus, prior to baking, so that the flavors can settle in and you’ll have better formed patties.