Vegan & Gluten-Free Perfection

Made in a House in Hermosa Beach

So last night we went to Hermosa to have dinner with Carl’s dad. We were cooking for 3 people and 3 very curious dogs. It had been a while since our last, not so successful, vegan and gluten-free pizza attempt so we decided to go at it again. Carl and I met at Whole Foods after work to get the goods. As he tried to keep my wandering eyes on track (I can’t help it! It’s like a toy store to me.) we still felt like we were missing one key topping. Carl wanted some extra protein while I wanted to avoid soy. One wandering eye later and voila, beans! Here is what we ended up with:

Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Pizza Dough
Ener-G Egg Replacer (careful because some of the other brands are not GF)
Pizza Sauce
Fresh Spinach
1 White Onion
1 Green Jalapeño
1 Red Jalapeño
1 Can Cannelli Beans
Daiya Mozzerella Cheese

First you have to make the dough, let it rise, etc. I was so excited to learn that they had a Kitchen Aid hidden in a cupboard at the house! Once risen, we spread the dough with wet hands on our pizza pan and placed it in the oven. With the crust in the oven for its first round of baking, we sauteéd the onions with olive oil until they were well done. After 8 minutes it was time to add the toppings to our half-baked crust. We began with an even coating of pizza sauce, followed by a layer of spinach. I would have loaded it on but Carl was afraid the spinach wouldn’t “shrink down”. This is a common fear he has whenever we use spinach and one that never actually pans out. Next came the onions, jalapeños and white beans.

We topped it all off with Daiya Mozzerella Cheese and in it went. I’m not sure of the last time I was this impatient while something was cooking. I mean, wouldn’t you be after seeing that picture? 30 minutes later we were ready to dig in. Utter perfection. We had finally succeeded in creating our perfect pizza pie. Now all we needed was a proper name. Suggestions?