Oats with the Most

Going Beyond Breakfast

Lately I’ve been told to eat more warming foods to balance my chi, as prescribed by eastern medicine practices. I have been drinking shakes in the morning because it was a tasty way to get ALL of the supplements I’m currently attempting to take on a daily basis. I have: Omega 3′s, B Complex, Vitamin D, Zinc, Probiotics, Flax Oil, Chia Seeds, Lechitin Granules, Tocotrinols, a green powder that is currently Vitamineral Greens, Chinese Herbs and a Blood toning pill (also Chinese herbs). I don’t normally take all these things but I’m trying to clear up some skin and stomach problems. My intake is typically limited to Omega through Chia, and perhaps a green powder thrown in at times. But now, jeez, I have to base my meals around the supplements and how I’m going to get them down. The pills are easy and I like to take them with coconut water so I can’t taste any coating or vitamin flavors. It’s the powders that really get me. I certainly don’t want to drink them with plain water, so that’s why a shake made so much sense. When I was told to switch to something ‘warming’ the natural choice was oatmeal, steel cut oats to be exact. As some of you may have read I love the raw oatmeal, but it most certainly is not cooked or warming, so that’s out of the repertoire for now as well.

I decided to venture into making a power oatmeal. Oats are great on their own and now I’m just pumping it full of extras. I’m still hammering out the doses and which combination of powders is best, but I must say, so far so good. The supplements such as lechitin and tocotrinols are both mild in flavor and create a somewhat creamy texture. Chia seeds become fluffy and the flax helps to prevent your oatmeal from becoming a solid brick. You should definitely make sure to make a more liquidy oatmeal than you’re used to if you plan on adding in some supplements. As an added bonus, because of the density, you’ll find you get fuller faster! Add in a date or sweetener of your choice and you’ll be ready to go. I was surprised as to how much I could get away with in the oatmeal as far as stuffing it with supplements galore. I’m satisfied, full and accomplish my goal of consuming an absurd amount of vitamins.

When taking supplements it’s important to check the interactions with any medications and even one another. Some may prevent absorption when mixed, while others may enhance it.

Share your power oatmeal recipes or any other ways you like to take your vitamins.

What I Made Today:
1/2 c steel cut oats
3 1/2 c water
1/2 date
3 tbsp lechitin granules
1 tbsp chia seeds
10-12 shakes of cinnammon
1 tsp organic zero sweetener
1 heaping scoop of coconut oil

Vitamins I Took with Breakfast:
3 Raw Probiotics
2 Omega 3′s
1 Raw B Complex (I’ll take the other at lunch)
10,000 IU Vitamin A
75 mg Zinc (I’ve read that Vitamin B helps with Zinc Absorption)