Does cancer run in your family? And if so, does it worry you sometimes? Perhaps try cutting a little bit of meat out of your diet. The World Health Organization has determined that in Western society, approximately 30% of cancers are diet related. In particular, studies show that those who eat less meat were far less likely to develop the disease. In fact, large studies in Germany and England showed that vegetarians were roughly 40% less likely to develop cancer.

Amazingly enough, this is not the only study that has found a correlation between meat eating and increased cancer risk. In fact, it shows up just about every time. But you love meat? Can’t live without it? If you don’t want to go cold turkey, no problem, start one meal at a time. Have a veggie burger occasionally, or sometimes replace your meat with extra beans and veggies. Either way, you’ll be doing your body a favor, AND you’ll help keep your cancer risk in check.